Viral Advertising Agency


The Viral Advertising Agency provides you with creative, effective and targeted viral advertising solutions. A successful viral advertising campaign reproduces all the benefits of traditional 'word of mouth' recommendations. 

A viral advertiser’s message can be shared through emails, text, videos, games, social networking, blogs, tweets and many other methods.


It reaches a mass audience through trusted sources, quickly and at minimal cost.


The secret? Having the experience to create a message that people want to share!


The Viral Advertising Agency specialises in planning, designing, testing and seeding viral advertisements.


At The Viral Advertising Agency, we always keep the most important ingredient, the consumer, in mind.  


Timing and content are key. To create a successful campaign, you have to make an offering worth passing on and know when, and how, to ‘get it out there’.


It doesn’t pay to be blatant. Your message should be subtly embedded in an offering that entertains, informs or engages.


If you are successful, people pass it on, create buzz and ultimately get you more business.


Responding to the latest technology and basing our campaigns on experience and research, The Viral Advertising Agency can help you make the most out of viral advertising.


If you would like to hear more about viral advertising, call The Viral Advertising Agency on 0844 656 0891 for a free consultation.